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Screw Air Compressor 4kw-22kw



Wendel  knows the importance of the pressured air in the facilities.From this point of view, our team is focused on the quality, efficiency and cost effective production. In this new world policy, energy is the first step for customers and countries.

In such that case, Wendel is producing the first class energy saving compressors which can be a game changer in the market.

Compact Design

“TK series” compressors are compact

design compressors including compressor,

air tank, dryer and filters. TK series,compressor and dryer are separated even though they are in the same cabinet.

Moisture of pressured air is separated by the dryer while compressor running and sent

to air tank. Eventually, dry air is delivered to

the system and lifespan of the air tank is extended.

T Series compressors have air recievers

TK Series compressors have air receivers & air Dryers

Manufacturing For Future

Wendel Kompressoren’s main vision is manufacturing compressors having the highest quality. This vision is a long term vision which enables making trust at customers.

Produce & Use

Wendel Kompressoren produces it’s own airends and uses them in compressors.

In addition, Wendel’s airens are not only used just in it’s air compressors, also used by air compressor manufacturers around the world.

New Model High Pressure Compressor

HP 21/40 High Pressure Air Compressor

New Portable Diesel Compressor

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