Industirelle Druckluft Kompressoren

Screw Air Compressor

Air Compressor / 4 kw to 11 kw

Digital Control Panel
Wendel rotary screw air compressors
are equipped with analogue or digital
control panel option according to user

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Rotary Screw Compressor / 30kw to 45kw

Full Automatic
Once your compressor is ON, it runs
ON&OFF Mode, continues to run automatically
without requiring any interference.

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Rotary Screw Compressor /45 kw to 75 kw

Digital Control Panel
get logs about the
compressor such as temperature, pressure,
errors, working hours and service

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Air Screw Compressor /90 kw to 132 kw

Two Stage Filtration
There are two stage filtration over Wendel
Compressors. Efficient Cooling System.

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Rotary Air screw Compressor / 160 kw to 250 kw

Strong Cabin & Chasis
Compressor cabin and other parts are
mounted on a very sturdy chasis.

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TK - Series Screw Air Compressor

Tank mounted screw air compressor and air receiver - air dryer mounted rotary screw air compressors.

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New Model High Pressure Compressor

HP 21/40 High Pressure Air Compressor

New Portable Diesel Compressor

air compressor , diesel air compressor
diesel air compressor

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