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These series of Wendel Rotary Screw Air Compressors are  basic and small sized series and the most important features of this type of Wendel Rotary screw compressor is quiet working  and easy service. The one-piece damper cover is easy to open and is easily accessible on the inside. At the rear of the air compressor there is a panel filter  at the air intake. Because the panel filter is paper cartridge-type, it is very easy to change. This filter ensures that the suction air of the compressor is kept clean by keeping the coarse dust from the outside at the maximum level.

The electronic control unit is multi-functional and it reports faults and maintenance time . Electrical control unit controls the compressor for 2 months and ensures its synchronous operation. Control unit with protection features such as high temperature, reverse voltage options  offered to customers as standard in these series. 2 Options for these  air compressors as,

  • Invertor screw air compressor ( VSD )

New Model High Pressure Compressor

HP 21/40 High Pressure Air Compressor

New Portable Diesel Compressor

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