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Minimum Energy,
Maximum Performance

Besides the fact that the most important feature of the servo rotary screw air compressors provide energy saving between 20% and 50% compared to stable speed rotary screw compressors, they also provides 8% and 10% more energy savings than normal type rotary screw air compressors with inverter. This is because, the normal type compressors with inverter have an asynchronous motor and these motors can reach 88% and 90% efficiency. However, the rotary screw air compressors with servo motor have synchronous motor. These motors can run up to 96% efficiency. Therefore, they are known as First Class energy-saving motors. The following graphic compares efficiencies of normal type motor with servo motor. Our servo rotary screw air compressors have a structure in which screw unit and high efficient synchronous motor are integrated. Since the compact system has a smaller size it occupies less space.

More Intelligent Control System

Air capacity and system temperature can be automatically adjusted. The compressor operates at a constant temperature and it is very easy to operate the system.Magnetic field design and distribution of intensity are at reasonable levels. The volume level is low no matter how large the motor operating frequency is.Size of the servo motor is equal to the 1/3 of the normal synchronous motor. Therefore, its maintenance is easier.

Smart design, in order to ensure system reliability and easy maintenance.

Stable Air Supply

Constant air supply is provided thanks to the PID controller of the inverter or the inverter's speed adjustment feature. As it can be understood from the figure shown on the right, there is no power transmission element between the rotary screw unit and servo motor. The male rotor shaft of the screw unit is also the shaft of servo motor. For this reason, the efficiency

is at the maximum level. At the same time, the shaft is fixed with the bearing at the rear section of the motor. This ensures the energy saving by reducing friction of the shaft and minimizes the noise level.In addition, the space advantage is provided due to the compact structure of the system.

Filter Pollution Warning

TMKE series dryers, show the filter change time through internal sensors with warning lamp.

WMKE Series Air Dryers

Air dryers run with environment friendly gases. The dryers are equipped with special exchangers operates without noise and vibration.

Operation Principle

The dryers run by circulating a special gas having cooling feature through internal compressors integrated inside the frame similar to the refrigerators. The moisture within the air is separated by condensing the air passing through the system that is cooled up to +3°C. The moisture, which turns into droplets, are automatically discharged from the system.

Filter Change Lamp

Cooling Gas Circulation Compressor


Wendel  knows the importance of the pressured air in the facilities.From this point of view, our team is focused on the quality, efficiency and cost effective production. In this new world policy, energy is the first step for customers and countries.

In such that case, Wendel is producing the first class energy saving compressors which can be a game changer in the market.

Compact Design

“TK series” compressors are compact

design compressors including compressor,

air tank, dryer and filters. TK series,compressor and dryer are separated even though they are in the same cabinet.

Moisture of pressured air is separated by the dryer while compressor running and sent

to air tank. Eventually, dry air is delivered to

the system and lifespan of the air tank is extended.

T Series compressors have air recievers

TK Series compressors have air receivers & air Dryers

Manufacturing For Future

Wendel Kompressoren’s main vision is manufacturing compressors having the highest quality. This vision is a long term vision which enables making trust at customers.

Produce & Use

Wendel Kompressoren produces it’s own airends and uses them in compressors.

In addition, Wendel’s airens are not only used just in it’s compressors, but also used by compressor manufacturers around the world.

Easy to Use

When you want to use the compressor, just turn the start button clockwise. Temperature, pressure and other important data can be monitored from the control panel.

If compressor encounters a trouble, it protects itself against any damage that may occur and stops. You can see the warning signs at the control panel.

Air Compressor Silence

Thanks to silencer covers, the noise of the compressors minimized.

Wendel air compressor Production & Engineering Services

Engineering services provide all support to develop the product and help you more. Moreover our experienced and competent office staff are always ready to service for all customer's problems to get right solution.

Thanks to simplicity of compressors’ control panel, users can run compressors easily and they continue working without an operator.


Rotary Screw Air Compressor

Variable Speed Rotary Screw Air Compressors

Servo Rotary Screw Air Compressors

Booster Compressors


Digital Control Panel

Wendel rotary screw air compressors are equipped with analogue or digital control panel option according to user preference.

High Efficiency With Low Rotation Speed

Rotors are the main component of the rotary screw air compressors composing screw unit of the compressor. Rotor rotation speed (RPM) is kept at lowest level in order to provide increased lifespan for the screw unit.

Fully Automatic

Once your compressor is ON, it runs ON&OFF Mode, continues to run automatically without requiring any interference. Option: For high ambient temperature areas, there is optional type called tropical type compressor which can work up to 48 °C



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HP 21/40 High Pressure Air Compressor

New Portable Diesel Compressor

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